13 Best Shounen Ai Manga Of All Time

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10. Hitorijime My Hero. Starting off our top ten with a feel-good shounen-ai, Hitorijime My Hero (My Very Own Hero). The anime is about a pushover, Masahiro Setagawa. He is just a weak teenager with bad luck, always getting in trouble with the neighborhood bullies.

13 Best Shounen Ai Manga Of All Time

A skilled hacker, Jin Kang, falls into a broker's trap and fails his mission. Barely escaping with his life, he can't bring himself to face VX, a genius hacker and team member he greatly respects. Instead, Jin Kang chooses to go into hiding. By day, he works at a café, while at night, he quietly plots his revenge.

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Read newest Shounen Ai manga page 1 order by update_date! beta. New Manga. Top Manga. Last Updates. All Genres. Yaoi | Comedy | Shounen Ai | Yuri | Shoujo | Fantasy | Josei | School Life; Shounen Ai Manga Page 1 OK,GO! Completed Ongoing. Choose your favorite category! Yaoi [12566] Comedy [18687] Shounen Ai [4810].

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A list for all shounen-ai and yaoi isekai. Completed works will be listed before ongoing works. I have not necessarily read everything on this list. No shotacon. Does not include unlimited flow or quick transmigration stories. If the description says both Yaoi and Shounen-ai, then I will put it under Yaoi to be safe. See \"Shoujo-ai Isekai\" for shoujo-ai/yuri isekai titles.

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Manga List - Genres: Shounen Ai - Manganato FILTER (ADVANCED SEARCH) Read Manga Online » Genres: Shounen Ai » Status: All » Latest » Page 1 4.2 Will Marry Chapter 38 199.1K Jan 07,24 Tianwen jiaochuan The princess was ordered to marry the disabled general Chu Pingyun. Who knew that the goods were wrong on the night of the wedding.

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Shounen Ai, also known as Boys Love or BL, is a genre of manga and anime that focuses on romantic and emotional relationships between male characters. Whether you're a seasoned fan or new to the genre, these mangas are sure to provide you with heartwarming, romantic, and sometimes dramatic stories about love between men.

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BL / Shounen ai / Yaoi manga/manhwa with great plot and possible fluff👑💋. Hahahaha this is solely for comic relief. i have no clue if it is even shounen ai even thought it has been tagged like that lol. The life of these four boys and how they meet up and stuff, honestly comforting and funny too.

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A 4koma gag series that transforms into a slice of life school comedy about 5 junior high school boys & their guardians, mixed with some shady mafia mystery. 10/10 recommended, super funny and cute! 14 12,2020 Here U Are 9.7 (1329 voted) Complete Author (s): DJun Genre (s): Shounen Ai / Romance / School Life / Drama / Webtoons

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3. ». Read Shounen Ai Manhwa, Shounen Ai Manga in English translated online for free in high quality with the latest chapters. Updated Daily!

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Shonen ai, also known as boys love or BL, is a well-loved manga genre for romance fans of all genders and orientations. If you can't get enough of these LGBTQ+ love stories, this list of the best shonen ai manga is here to help. Do you want a little dystopian future with your shonen ai?

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Published Mar 18, 2023 The difference between boys' love (BL), yaoi and shonen-ai can be very murky, especially given the historical and cultural origins of these terms. It's often difficult to clearly identify and distinguish between different genres and subgenres in anime and manga.

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Shounen ai Manga Order by: A-Z Views Latest 19 Days Comedy , School life , Shounen ai , Slice of life , Manhua Status: Ongoing 19 Days Chapter 438 Above Ten Thousand People Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Harem , Martial arts ,. Status: Ongoing Above Ten Thousand People Chapter 210 A Man Like You

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Anyone interested in shounen-ai, yaoi, or boys' love in the early 2000s surely remembers Gravitation, the story of amateur vocalist Shuichi Shindo and novelist Eiri Yuki.For many shounen-ai aficionados, Gravitation was their first foray into the world of boys' love.. Although the relationship between Shuichi and Yuki gets tumultuous at times, Shuichi is dedicated to Yuki's well-being.

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1.5K 0/5 (0 votes) 9 Adult Drama Mature Shounen ai "Can you please be my muse!!!" Two individuals with fervent passions, yet adrift in their own narratives, serendipitously crossed paths. By chance, they encountered each other. In each other's company, Yuji and Masa, two souls enchanted by beauty, revel in the freedom to be authentic.

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Shounen Ai. The Shounen Ai genre focuses on the relationship between two males. Unlike Yaoi, which includes physical and explicit scenes apart from romance, Shounen Ai excludes sexual scenes. It mainly focuses on light romance, love, and emotional aspects. Are you looking for Top Shounen Ai Manhwa to soothe your eyes and warm your heart? Well.

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Read Shounen ai Manga Comics Free 3 Ban Sen No Campanella Vol.1 Chapter 6 4.45 Circle Chapter 101 4.67 Poolside (OOTSUKI Miu) Chapter 1 : Oneshot 4 From Dusk till Dawn Chapter 6 [END] 4.17 Tobari Chapter 0 : [Oneshot] 4.82 Yes It's Me Vol.1 chapter 8 : Yes That s It 5 Toukaidou Hisame - Kagerou Vol.4 Chapter 22.5 5