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Plot. After the events of the first Ninja Gaiden game, in the Realm of Darkness, Ashtar, the evil lord who controlled Jaquio, is informed of Jaquio's defeat; he devises a plan to rule over Earth by opening the Gate of Darkness. A U.S. Army Special Intelligence unit member named Robert T. Sturgeon is sent to find Ryu to take out Ashtar. Robert informs Ryu that Irene Lew has been captured and.

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Irene Lew (アイリーン・ルゥ, Irene Lew?) is the main female character in the original trilogy, serving as Ryu's romantic interest. She is an agent of the CIA's Secret Auxiliary Unit, working under the codename "Sea Swallow". She later appears in a revamped form in Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360 under.

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Happily Married: With Irene at the end of the original NES trilogy, which was carried over in Ryu's backstory from the first Dead or Alive.Later games quietly retcon their relationship back to being professional friends/acquaintances to keep in line with the modern Ninja Gaiden games' portrayal.; Heroic Build: He's always been depicted as a tall and physically fit man, but Ninja Gaiden 3/Razor.

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The Classic Series of Ninja Gaiden consist of all games prior to the Modern Series' revival of the franchise, starting with Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. Ninja Gaiden Wiki. Explore. Main Page;. Irene Lew; Muramasa; Mizuki McCloud; Canna; Murai; Robert T. Sturgeon; Miss Monday; Walter Smith; Ken Ishigami; Villians. Regent of the Mask; Genshin.

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Irene was the lead female character of Ninja Gaiden #Memory I'm sure they don't remember tweeting that lol. kikoken (Topic Creator) 6 years ago #9 There were a large number of fans requesting Irene to be playable in Dead Or Alive Ultimate.

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He's a quiet, philosophical man, a 21st Century ninja, a shadowy anachronism who routinely pits ancient skills against modern weaponry with absolutely brutal finesse. Common thugs, trained.

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Ninja Gaiden characters and references to the series, including those who first appeared in Dead or Alive series can be found in various games by Koei Tecmo, Microsoft, and Sony. Ryu, Rachel, Momiji, Irene Lew, and Muramasa appeared in the Dead or Alive games, with the three former are playable while the two latter are non-playable. Ryu,.

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Plot. Between the events of the original Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos, CIA agent Irene Lew is chased by a man who looks like Ryu Hayabusa to a cliff edge, where she falls to her apparent death. In an effort to clear his name, Ryu investigates the laboratory where Irene was killed. A mysterious man appears there and tells Ryu to go to the Castle Rock fortress, where.

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Ninja Gaiden Wiki is the community driven encyclopedia of all things Ninja Gaiden that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge! Ninja Gaiden Wiki.. Irene Lew; Muramasa; Mizuki McCloud; Canna; Murai; Robert T. Sturgeon; Miss Monday; Walter Smith; Ken Ishigami; Villians. Regent of the Mask; Genshin; Doku; Dagra Dai.

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Get back in one piece, people! Please.Irene in Dead or Alive Dimensions Irene Lew, otherwise known as Aileen in the first Dead or Alive, and by the codename Sea Swallow, is a CIA agent and an ally of Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden series. She is the main female lead in the original Ninja Gaiden trilogy for the NES, serving as Hayabusa's romantic interest and the series' damsel in distress.

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Irene Law is a main character in the Ninja Gaiden series. She is a CIA agent who works in it's Secret Auxiliary Unit. She is also the love interest of Ryu Hayabusa. She was voiced by Irene Lew in the TV series and Yumi Tōma in the video games in the Japanese version, and by Kari Wahlgren in Ninja Gaiden 2 and Amanda Troop in Dead or Alive: Dimensions in the English version. Irene was a secret.

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Overview. Irene Lew is a CIA agent that appears in all three games in the NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy. The ninja Ryu Hayabusa comes to her rescue several times over the course of the series, as she sometimes takes on the role of the damsel in distress.Though she does not appear in the Team Ninja iteration of Ninja Gaiden, she is mentioned in Ryu's backstory in the first Dead or Alive.

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Ninja Gaiden, released in Japan as Ninja Ryūkenden and as Shadow Warriors in Europe, is an action-platform video game developed and published by Tecmo for the Nintendo Entertainment System.Its development and release coincided with the beat 'em up arcade version of the same name. It was released in December 1988 in Japan, in March 1989 in North America, and in August 1991 in Europe.

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Irene Lew is dead. The red-headed, no-nonsense secret agent girlfriend of Ryu Hayabusa, Irene Lew played a significant supporting role in the first two Ninja Gaiden games on the NES -- and she.

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This is a list of characters in the Ninja Gaiden video games series. As the universe of the Ninja Gaiden series has been 'rebooted' as of 2004 with the release of Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox, this list will have two sections, one for the original trilogy on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and another for the 'rebooted' universe since 2004. The NES trilogy chronicles how Ryu and Irene.