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In behalf of means "for the benefit, advantage, or interest of" in acting as an agent, friend, or benefactor. Another way to think of it is "as helping" someone or something.. subjects and verbs, adjectives and adverbs, commas, semicolons, quotation marks, and much more by just sitting back and enjoying these easy-to-follow lessons.

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1 Answer Sorted by: 0 There are multiple parts to this question. The first is whether the three statements, in that order, are syntactically correct. I would say they are. You could use a number of variations in this regard. Each of the following is also correct. On behalf of Organisation, Regards, John Doe.

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" On behalf of" means, "as representing," and " in behalf of" means "for the advantage of." People or agencies who act as representatives of others, act "on behalf of": The ACLU brought suit against the city on behalf of three residents. People whose intention is merely to be helpful act "in behalf of":


On behalf of means "as the agent of," "in place of," or "on the part of." Another way to think of it is "as representing" someone or something. Examples: The law firm filed a suit on behalf of the three people injured by the company truck. On behalf of all who couldn't be here tonight, I want to say thank you for your support.

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8. Use commas to set off phrases at the end of the sentence that refer to the beginning or middle of the sentence. Such phrases are free modifiers that can be placed anywhere in the sentence without causing confusion. (If the placement of the modifier causes confusion, then it is not "free" and must remain "bound" to the word it modifies.)

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To act or speak in behalf of someone is to independently promote that person's interest, praise, or defense—or to act on one's own for that person's benefit {the employees picketed in behalf of the fired executive} {students spoke in behalf of the professor at the retirement party} {fight in behalf of justice for the wrongfully accused}.

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A: Both expressions are correct, but they mean slightly different things. I discuss this in my book Woe Is I. "In behalf of" means "for the benefit of" or "in the interest of." "On behalf of" means "in place of" or "as the agent of."

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ON BEHALF OF SOMEONE definition: done for another person's benefit or support, or because you are representing the interests of that…. Learn more.

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Rule 1. Use commas to separate words and word groups in a simple series of three or more items. Example: My estate goes to my husband, son, daughter-in-law, and nephew. Note: When the last comma in a series comes before and or or (after daughter-in-law in the above example), it is known as the Oxford comma.Most newspapers and magazines drop the Oxford comma in a simple series, apparently.

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"On behalf of" is the correct form to use. We use it when we're doing something for the benefit of somebody else. "On the behalf of" is a common misconception of the phrase, but it should never be used. We would say, "I'm here on behalf of my company." It's important to never use "the" in this phrase.


The definition of an appositive is a word or word group that defines or further identifies the noun or noun phrase preceding it. Rule: When an appositive is essential to the meaning of the noun it belongs to, don't use commas. When the noun preceding the appositive provides sufficient identification on its own, use commas around the appositive.

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1. P.P. (Per Procurationem) If you don't know how to sign a letter on behalf of someone else, you can start by using p.p. It stands for per procurationem. It is legally secure and shows that you represent someone else in your letter writing. For instance, you might be writing a letter on behalf of your boss.

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A comma (pronounced "cah-muh") is a punctuation mark that provides pauses in reading and speaking by separating parts of a sentence. You'll find examples of commas in all sorts of sentences below. It's raining, so let's grab our umbrellas. I want to go home, but I have to finish soccer practice first.

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1 : as a representative of someone The teacher accepted the award on behalf of the whole class. 2 or US in behalf of someone or in someone's behalf : for the benefit of someone : in support of someone She spoke in behalf of the other candidate. They're willing to do anything on their child's behalf. 3 : because of someone Don't get up on my behalf.

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Here are some examples. Sentence Examples A Dublin-based firm of solicitors are acting on behalf of the parents of over 100 children with autism. They will now have to wait to hear whether solicitors acting on behalf of the accused man ask for a second post-mortem examination.

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noun as the agent of or on someone's part (usually expressed as "on behalf of" rather than "in behalf of") "the guardian signed the contract on behalf of the minor child" "this letter is written on behalf of my client" see more noun for someone's benefit (usually expressed as `in behalf' rather than `on behalf' and usually with a possessive)