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Meme it up! In the ever-evolving landscape of internet culture, one character has taken the world by storm: PEPE. An emblem of love and unity, PEPE has woven himself into the fabric of meme.

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DEEP DIVE. Peepo, sometimes spelled Pepo, is a variation of Pepe the Frog with features that are smaller, younger, and cuter looking than traditional depictions of Pepe. According to Know Your Meme, Pepo is derived from the Apu Apustaja or "help helper" Pepe, which originated on a Finnish imageboard before spreading to 4chan and beyond.. Since his creation by Matt Furie, mutations of Pepe.

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Peepo, also known as Pepo, is a series of various emotes on Discord and Twitch depicting poorly drawn versions of Pepe the Frog, sharing similarities to Apu Apustaja (or "Help Helper" in English). The emotes are typically used in chats on both platforms to express a number of emotions depending on the type of Peepo used, ranging from happy to sad or more situational depending on the context.

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I autistic female who lubs apu, my birthday is coming up and I want to get a tattoo of apu. Maybe someone here could help me with the design. Pls 🙏🏼 lub you. Design idea: Apu with tin foil hat, looking up at a full moon. Design could be drawing or meme (:

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Peepo is instead a descendant, derived from the poorly drawn Pepe named Apu Apustaja ("Help Helper" in English) that first appeared on Finnish message boards before he made his way to Twitch.

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Thanks, just spent the last hour scrolling through all these pepes and apus

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Collection of Pepe, Apu, Honkler, Marv, Groyper, Smidge, and Peepo memes.

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r/Apustaja. • 2 days ago WOOSH! GM FREN 🐸. • 4 days ago Mi hab bery imporbant anownsmint. • 5 days ago Dis me winter cottage. Come in fren, I maed some fremsh tendies and pies. • 7 days ago It's that time of the year again!!! • 8 days ago It has been a long time since the last time I posted here.

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Page couldn't load • Instagram. Something went wrong. There's an issue and the page could not be loaded. Reload page. Just for fun - 16K Followers, 248 Following, 1,550 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Pepe The Frog / Apu Apustaja (@pepedeefrog)

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This is a tribute to Pepe and Apu. Memes from Music and Lyrics by Shaman.Song: The Green Man (1994)

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Fren, Apu, this guy has many names, for he is a meme of meaning. A form of Pepe, but younger and more innocent. What will become of him?0:00 Who is Apu?0:17.

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"Apu apustaja" was preceded by Spurdo Spärde on the Finnish image board Ylilauta in the late 2000's and early 2010's. "Apu apustaja" has been created by the users of the same message board, transforming the original illustrations of Pepe the Frog in the same style as Spurdo Spärde, around 2016.. A Facebook page dedicated to this parody of Pepe was launched in January 2016.

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Pepe and apu the frogs aren't immediate red flags. So a lot of people are associating apu apustaja and Pepe the frog with insane far right wing people, but it's not immediately true. Yes, right wing's don't have enough of Pepe but a lot of people consider Pepe and apu part of their childhood because they where born during the time of.

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Spread. On January 14th, 2016, the "Apu Apustaja" Facebook page was launched. On March 25th, an anonymous 4chan user submitted the Apu Apustaja version of Pepe captioned with a misspelled sentence about a "food help helper" to the /b/ (random) board (shown below, left). The following day, a similar thread was submitted to /b/ in which the character complains that his "food help helper" was.