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150 Density Wig The Best Choice Among Different Wig Types

150% Density Wig. 150% density wig is heavier and fuller than 130% density wig but it's a decent size. It's suitable for women who want their hair more natural and fuller. What's more, the 150% density is more expensive than 130% density wig at the same quality. If you want bigger volume and longer hair, prefer to choose the 180% density.

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Wig density is measured independently of the texture of the wig, and a wig's texture can have a huge effect on how thick it appears. A straight wig and a curly wig could be the same density and look completely different. For example, a curly 100% density wig could appear thicker than a 150% density straight wig.

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Compared to 150% density, 180% density wig looks a bit fuller. If you want your hair looks full and voluminous, 180% should be the right one. This density level is great for both short and long hair. For the price, 180% is higher than 150%. At Sunber Hair, we found most of our customers are prone to choose 150% and 180% density wigs.

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For example, straight hair, because the surface is very smooth and flat, sometimes a higher density wig is needed to make it look more beautiful. Curly wigs and kinky hair wigs will look more fluffy visually than ordinary wave and straight hair wigs, so a standard density of 130% or a fuller density of 150% is enough. 3. The wig length

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Remember hair length should be considered when selecting hair density for your custom wig. For example 12 inches with 150% density will not look the same as 24 inches with 150% density. 12" - 14" 120% - 130% 16" - 18" 150% 20" - 24" 180% 26" - 30" 200% + CUSTOM DENSITY: If you want to customize the density on you full lace wig please order.

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It doesn't have to be complicated! 130% density wigs are less dense than 150% wigs and have less hair sewn or otherwise adhered to the wig cap. As a result: 130% wigs look more natural than 150% wigs. 150% wigs are visibly thicker than 130% wigs.

150 Density Wig The Best Choice Among Different Wig Types

Common wig densities are 80%, 100%, 120%, 150%, 180%, 200%, and 250%, etc. A wig below 120% density will be very light to wear, giving a more realistic look to women with thinning hair and less volume. And 120% wig density is often the closest to the density of natural human hair. If you have no additional requirements for hair volume, then.

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100 and 150 density wigs are also different in the styles you can make with them. While 100 density wigs are best suited for shorter hair of 12 inches and below, 150 density wigs are suitable for longer wigs ranging from 12 to 24 inches. 150 density wigs are also more expensive than 100 density wigs and can look unnaturally fuller, while 100.

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A 150-density 4×4 wig means that the wig has a density of 150% and a lace closure size of 4×4 inches. A lace closure is a piece of lace used to create a natural-looking part. A 4×4 closure is a smaller size and is typically used for wigs that have a middle part or a side part.

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Light density: 100% to 110%. Natural density or medium density wigs: Between 120% to 130%. Medium to heavy: 150% to 170% density. High-density or heavy-density wigs: Around 180% and up. Extra heavy hair density wigs: 200% and higher. The standard density for stock and custom wigs is usually 130%.

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When compared to medium-density wigs, 150% density wig creates a more full and voluminous appearance. It's a little thicker and is used by ladies to give them a fuller appearance. Wigs with a high density offer a lot of bounce, movement, and styling possibilities.

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Generally, the 130% density wig is the standard level for all wigs, while a wig with 150% is slightly fuller. But both of them provide a natural look; not too thin or thick. There are also other less-density levels for hair systems such as 90%, 120%, 200%, etc. Usually, the hair manufacturer will create a wig according to customers' requirements.

150 Density Wig The Best Choice Among Different Wig Types

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