You should be the master of the mind rather than mind being your master. You should use the mind

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Better relationships More resilience More happiness Thoughts are one of the important mental assets to master. Thoughts are like a river with a strong current. If you can swim, you can navigate yourself through the current. You can steer yourself to where you want to go. Thoughts are similar.

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Becoming the master of one's mind means having a sound compass in life and the bright beacon of faith. We must not let ourselves be mastered by our unenlightened minds that change and shift according to the circumstances. We need a teacher, or mentor, to help guide our minds in the right direction.

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To be "the master of your mind" means to make the principles of Buddhism our guide, and we achieve this through study. Study is also a measure to indicate whether our behavior and way of life as Buddhist practitioners is correct or not. It is a mirror that shows us who we are. ( The New Human Revolution, vol. 24, pp. 139-40) 2.

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1. Stop Dwelling on Negative Thoughts. The first step to get the millionaire mindset. Our mind is like the earth, you get whatever you plant on it. If you plant a thorn bush that's what will grow. If you plant a mango tree, you'll get a mango tree. The choice is in your hands.

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There are a number of important factors that are essential to understand, in order to embark on your quest to be the master of your mind. Understanding your mind. Understanding the you who is mastering your mind. Understanding the natural physics or principles behind mastering your mind. Understanding what is not true mind mastery.

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What differentiates those who are the happiest, most successful and most fulfilled, from those who aren't? Having spent countless hours with hundreds of team.

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Use this breathing technique to get back to peace and calm in no time. Breathe in for 4 counts through your nose. Try to fill your whole tummy with air. Exhale for 8 counts through your mouth.

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"My mind does not give me rest." Imagine! For forty years he had traveled from place to place—and for what reason? His mind did not give him rest, even though he had given up everything. He wanted to meditate, he wanted to develop his spiritual life, but he had become a victim of his own mind's tyranny.

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Remember that the brain is very malleable and each time we replace a negative habit with a positive action it's like laying down a new groove in our minds, and the more we repeat the positive.

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Three Keys to Mastering Our Minds Become the master of your mind rather than let your mind master you. ("Letter to the Brothers," The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, p. 502) As 2020 comes to a close, we continue to face uncertainties amid the unprecedented global coronavirus pandemic.


One of the most fundamental components to living well is mastering our thoughts on any given day. Regardless of life's events, how we respond will determine.

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1. Become Best Friends With Your Emotional Guidance System Your emotional guidance system is your biggest cheerleader on your path to being in control of your own mind. Not only do your emotions tell you when you're on frequency with your highest and greatest good, they also tell you when you've strayed far away.

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Be someone who can control your thoughts—become the master of your mind. When you change your thoughts, you will change your feelings as well, and you will also eliminate the triggers that set off those feelings. Both of these outcomes provide you with a greater level of peace in your mind.

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The first step to master your mind is improving attention. Do you know why? There is a famous saying, "Rome was not built in a day," and you need long-term attention to do something great. Similarly, you need a long-term focus on yourself to master your mind. And the question is how to improve attention.

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Mastering Your Own Mind Distracted? Angry? Envious? There's growing evidence that attention, emotion regulation—even love—are skills that can be trained through the practice of meditation..

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9 Ways To Become The Master Of Your Own Mind By Carolyn Gregoire Nov 8, 2013, 10:01 AM EST | Updated Dec 6, 2017 LEAVE A COMMENT Many of us spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy -- not to mention money -- taking care of our bodies, and trying to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best.