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Accessing an archived library. Click on the Teacher Dashboard menu (the 3 lines in the far left of the toolbar) and then click on the Archived dropdown menu. For each archived library, you have the option to Restore or Delete Forever. To access this, click on the arrow next to the library, then click on the 3 dot menu for the library.

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Book Creator is a simple-to-use app for making digital books on your computer or tablet. Once kids get started on a book, you'll see how engaged they are and how motivated they can be to create books for the world to see. Learn more about Book Creator We're in this together

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Create E-Books Online. An E-Book is a digital book that you can read on your computer, phone, or another electronic device. You can create E-Books online by using the book creation software. Either a general word processing software or a specialized e-book builder like Storyboard That.

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Create. Read. Publish. Education is changing. Bring creativity to your classroom with Book Creator, the one app you need for any subject or grade level. Combine text, images, audio and video to create: Interactive stories Digital portfolios Research journals Poetry books Science reports Instruction manuals 'About me' books Comic adventures

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Book Creator Online can be accessed from any computer or tablet (including iPads, through the Safari browser). Book Creator for iPad Book Creator's iPad app is built for individual use and can be used offline with no internet connection.

Webbased app for making ebooks in the classroom. Teachers can get started for free and invite

Book Creator books are automatically saved so you can access them every time you log in. But you may want to save the ePub file to back it up in a cloud app, or to send it to someone else. This method is particularly useful if you want to transfer your book from Book Creator for Chrome to Book Creator for iPad. Find the book you want to share.

EduTech Book Creator makes it easy for students & teachers to create & share interactive ebooks

Book Creator for iPad can be used by anyone. We often get asked if people are allowed to use Book Creator for their own personal or business use from home, so here is the official answer to that. Book Creator online, which is accessed via a browser at, can only be used in a classroom setting.

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Our online chapter book creator comes with a built-in book cover creator, allowing you to use built-in stickers, text and images to create a personalised book cover. We have even included some book cover templates to inspire your book cover design. Let your imagination run wild with our powerful cover creator. Publish Chapter Book

EduTech Book Creator makes it easy for students & teachers to create & share interactive ebooks

Our digital book maker helps you make your own book online in just a few easy steps. All you have to do is import your digital manuscript as PDF, customise the look of your digital book and our PDF book maker will take care of the rest. Small effort, big impact! Upload PDF

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Create and collaborate visually in the classroom. Designs and documents to boost your learning. Free lessons, worksheets and templates, just for educators. Integrate Canva with your learning management system. Hear how others deliver creative and collaborative learning. Inspire future generations with the power of design.

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about world of technology | Find thousands of free educational ebooks for classroom use at

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Create. Read. Publish. Explore a multimedia toolset that is easy to use and accessible. Learn more Literacy Reading, writing, speaking, listening. With Book Creator, literacy comes alive. Learn more Resources Templates, lesson plans, case studies, webinars - it's all here for you. Learn more Community

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Mira Campbell shares the story of her latest Book Creator project. This journey really did have it all! Make sure you read to the end for the big reveal. Dan Kemp, Marketing Manager Mira Campbell has taken on legendary status amongst the Book Creator team.

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About Book Creator Info about the app, billing FAQs, privacy questions Getting started Signing in, the basics, combining with other platforms Creating books Working with text, images, audio, video, shapes and drawings Managing your books Working with your books, managing pages, managing libraries Collaboration

Book Creator Free APK for Android Download

Teach coding with Book Creator Here's a cool idea that came from Dr. Beth Holland. When you think about it, one of the key ideas behind teaching computer science and coding is not about learning the specifics of a single program, language or app.

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