My Ex Is Hot And Cold. What Can I Do? of Success

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Mind Game #3: Showing Off Their New Relationship. This is one of the classic examples of mind games played by exes after a breakup. They would purposely dangle their new relationship right in front of your face, be it telling you how happy they are with their new partner or how wonderful their new partner is.

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1. Hot and Cold One of the most common head games that someone will play is "hot and cold" behavior. For example, they will tell you, "I miss you," and then before you know it, they are backing out. Your ex does this because they are dishonestly trying to keep their options open. They give just enough to keep you from moving on.

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How Does An Ex Behaving Hot and Cold Look Like Your ex's hot and cold behaviors can take many forms. Below are some of the frequent ones I've come across. They consistently keep sending texts that indicate interest, but shortly after, stop responding.

My Ex Is Hot And Cold. What Can I Do? of Success

If the hot/cold thing remains and you can no longer take it, don't add pressure by asking what's really going on. Accept that it may be going south and start opening up options. Rule of thumb, if you add pressure because you can't take the pain but still want the relationship you will lose everything for good.

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Sometimes the answer to " why is my ex hot and cold with me " is simply that this is his or her way of asserting their decision and in essence forcing you to the respect their choice to end the relationship.

This Is Why Your Ex Is Hot And Cold (And What To Do About It)

Hot And Cold Behavior #1: He Says He Loves You And Then Tells You He Doesn't Have Feelings Anymore This was without a doubt the most common hot and cold behavior I experienced in my research. Here is how it typically works. You and your ex experience something exciting or happy together. What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

My Ex Is Hot And Cold. What Can I Do? of Success

Dismissive Fearful I'm going to make the argument that if your ex is giving you mixed signals, they are hot one moment and cold the next then they probably fall on the fearful avoidant spectrum. Take a look at the major signs of a dismissive avoidant, Tends to block out relationships when they become too vulnerable

This Is Why Your Ex Is Hot And Cold (And What To Do About It)

Why Your Ex is Hot and Cold Well, typically these types of mixed messages from your ex is a result of their own internal struggle. He or she has obviously decided - at least rationally and consciously - that your relationship isn't worth pursuing, hence the breakup.

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My ex is hot and cold | What does it mean & what to do about it? - Dating Advice. 5 Reasons why your ex is hot and cold. They don't know what they want. They may have a mixture of emotions where they are contemplating whether they want something with you or not.

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The "hot" is showing interest, the "cold" is valuing your time. Flat out ignoring someone intentionally is much different than not talking to them constantly because your busy with something that has purpose. Career, school, etc. If it's not natural, it's not going to end well. Don't manipulate the situation.

My Ex Is Hot And Cold. What Can I Do? of Success

Now, when it comes to seduction, playing hot and cold is used as a tool for developing attraction, but it should not be taken to extremes. So if you want your ex back and you had a hot and cold relationship with this person, you're going to have to find the balance between having more highs than lows and keeping an element of attraction and desire.


1. You re-attract her a little, but then turn her off again When a guy gets broken up with, but still loves his ex and wants her back, the first thing he'll usually do is try to convince her that he's changed some of the things that turned her off, so she will then give him another chance.


Now he is playing either hard to get, or the hot and cold game. I guess I should just come right out and ask where we stand. It hurts because I really did change for the better because of this person. I do really love him, but if he doesn't feel the same way I wish he would just say so. It would hurt but I could move on.

My Ex Is Hot And Cold. What Can I Do? of Success

July 31, 2019 by Zan There is so much false information out there on the hot and cold ex behavior so I figured it's finally time to discuss the real reasons why your ex is hot one day and cold the next. Most breakup experts will tell you that hot and cold behavior from an ex is a good sign.

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1. He wants to remain friends with you Have you considered the possibility that you've misinterpreted your ex's behavior? That he doesn't want to get back together with you at all? Is it possible that you're just imagining things and that your heart is playing tricks on you?