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#guildwars2 #livestream #elderscrollsonline #eso As Ever I embarked into world of MMORPG to see if any game can topple my favourite MMO right now GUILD WARS.

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Forums English General ESO Discussion Forums English General ESO Discussion Bit more about differences (and some similarities) of GW2 and ESO, for those who might be interested (i have played both games for several years):

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GW2 or ESO? After 1800 hours in eso, im looking at gw2, ive heard a lot of good things about it, i played it a little bit but i was a slave to eso so i didnt have the time. I'm kinda bummed I seem to have missed the "golden years" of gw2 (according to this forum) just like I missed the best years of eso (2016 -ish).

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Guild Wars 2 utilizes a real-time, action combat system that feels fluid and impactful. Skills dynamically combine with your weapon choices for active, high-paced battles. Dodging and movement matter just as much as your abilities. This modern system is far more engaging than tab-target and hotkey combat of older MMOs.

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With the release of End of Dragons, I've been wondering what can The Elder Scrolls Online learn from one of its biggest competitors, Guild Wars 2? So this we.

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Originally posted by Lelu💜: Originally posted by III: Originally posted by Lelu💜: The only differences for me between GW2 and ESO that matters are: ESO PVP/Cyrodiil = performance is really bad, super buggy and abandoned by devs to the point whole pvp community feels hated by the devs, not exaggerating even.

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GW2 or ESO? By Vertep.2498 February 8, 2018 in Guild Wars 2 Discussion Vertep.2498 Members 170 Posted February 8, 2018 I will ask just for curiosity what you think about this =) Ardenwolfe.8590 Members 1.5k Posted February 8, 2018

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How does GW2 compare to ESO? [Question] Long story short: Elder Scrolls recently put a new patch on their test server, and if this goes live, I'll stop playing it. Looking for alternatives… I have a few questions: 1.) is there an endgame PvE-community, and what does it look like? 2.) How is the combat compared to ESO?

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#GuildWars2 #ESO In this video I break down what led me to become disenchanted with ESO and why I tried out Guild Wars 2 and how I have enjoyed my time in th.

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Guild wars 2 (because of the eso vs gw2 post. Hadn't played it before that) Rift (played many many hours at launch. Tried my original character again for nostalgia. Cash grab.still, a fantastic game though) Aion (same as rift. Played many hours years ago. Has best looking player characters in my opinion. Also has turned into a cash grab.

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ESO calls them DLCs. GW2 gives them away for free for a limited time after their release, but you have to pay to unlock them if you miss that. ESO allows monthly subscribers to access all of them, but unless you purchase them individually you lose access to those areas/quests/dungeons when your subscription lapses.

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There is a lot of metrics to support a growing population in GW2 such as however ESO no longer shares its live player metrics because the facts would reveal ESO has a much lower population which attracts less willing customers, instead, ZOS opts for false metrics like 13.5 million players with a little not active players disclaim.

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You just want to the decision. Reply reply. ESO: cannot play without a sub because you will not have bank space for materials and no access to DLC zones, sub and expansions are separated so you have to pay like 13€ a month plus the expansions. Gw2 just buy the game and you're free to do whatever you want, you can even farm gold and exchange.

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UPDATE: ESO has gotten a quality of life improvement called "curated drops" that always give you an item in dungeons and trials that you dont already have. T.

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GW2 has the best mounts of the entire genre. In terms of casual gameplay, both may work for you. Dungeons in ESO take ~15 or 20 minutes to complete, and you can easily find something to do in GW2 for that amount of time and sense you meaningfully progressed your toon. ESO will be more expensive to play.