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I managed to ask precisely one question (and one follow-up), which the actor spent the better part of 25 minutes answering through a series of digressive, jazz-like riffs. This is the question I.


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Jeff Goldblum has been a household name for nearly 40 years. To many, the Pittsburgh-born actor first made himself known in David Cronenberg's 1986 body-horror remake of 1950s classic "The Fly.

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Kizaru, the only admiral who came out of the Marineford war unscathed. Man showed no fear when he volunteered to stop Big Mom from meeting Kaido. It's time for Admiral Jeff Goldblum to pull his lightsaber out of his ass again after 12 years. Discussion

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Fans of this era of Goldblum's work are loyal. He made his name playing an eccentric scientist in The Fly in 1986, and more recently starred in Thor: Ragnarok.But now there's a fresh audience.

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Jeff Goldblum is in talks for a key role in Universal's two-part film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Wicked, Deadline can confirm. While sources tell Deadline that Goldblum's de…

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71 years old Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum (born October 22, 1952) is an American actor and musician. He has starred in some of the highest-grossing films of his era, such as Jurassic Park (1993) and Independence Day (. See Profile Fan Casting Jeff Goldblum as Kizaru (Borsalino) in One Piece Live Action Fancast One Piece Live Action Fancast

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I love Jeff Goldblum and he'd be great as Kizaru. BUT they really need to cast a Japanese (or south East Asian) actor who resembles the original actor Kizaru is based on. This needs to be true for all the admirals. They're all based on real life Japanese actors so it only makes sense to cast actors resembling those original actors too.

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Jeff Goldblum is following the yellow brick road. The actor is in final talks to play the Wizard in Jon M. Chu's upcoming " Wicked " movies, Variety has learned exclusively. The latest.

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Jeffy is a lunatic. No one would take him serious. (Also he is too old) If a 77 year old jeff goldblum would lightspeed kick xdrake in season 5, this would look so freaking silly And people would be like "jeff goldblum just kicked a dude" and not "kizaru is badass". No one would think he is threatening. Also. He legit is 70 rn.

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Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum ( / ˈɡoʊldbluːm /; born October 22, 1952) [1] [2] is an American actor and musician. He has starred in some of the highest-grossing films, such as Jurassic Park (1993) and Independence Day (1996), as well as their sequels.

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What do you think of Jeff Goldblum playing Kizaru live action? Live Action. 9.6k Upvotes. permalink; link; reddit; reddit; 90% Upvoted. → 2.7k. u/Godmaximus29 20d ago. Have you ever ugh ugh ugh been kicked at the speed of light. 1.1k. u/man_in_the_suit 19d ago. Light… finds a way..

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Jeff Goldblum. Reply reply dienomighte • Yessss, someone else is on the Goldblum train. Number one fan cast for me holy shit, no offense to adam sandler, he could still play the part but jeff goldblum clearly matches Kizaru's tall and lanky build better. Reply reply Epicbear34.

I hope Pikotaro plays Kizaru in the One Piece Live Action r/OnePiece

Jeff Goldblum practically crackles with curiosity.Eyes wide, posture keen, mouth agape, hand gestures expectant. It's a quality he has famously leased in quantity to the big screen with an array of idiosyncratic, reactor-brained characters, be it Jurassic Park's 'chaotician' Dr Ian Malcolm, Independence Day's MIT-schooled cable repair man David Levinson, or infamously doomed.

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Unconventionally handsome and equipped with a famously peculiar speaking cadence, actor Jeff Goldblum has been intriguing audiences for decades. As he celebrates his 66th birthday, today might.

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• 1 yr. ago _THOMBOMB Actor for kizaru in the live action one piece Discussion I've seen the list of peeps for the live action cast for one piece, and ik kizaru or any of the admiral's aren't on the list but I'd really really like to see Jeff goldblum as kizaru. I think it would work really well, what do you people think? Archived post.