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KE Koray Erdogan, MD Hair Restoration Surgeon Atilla Ilhan Cd, Istanbul 4.9 30 reviews 106 Followers 106 Answers from Hair Restoration Surgeon Koray Erdogan, MD See Education, Board Certification, and Treatments Offered.

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Koray Erdogan also determines if the patient is a suitable or non-suitable candidate for a hair transplant surgery during his live consultation. At ASMED hair transplant Turkey, hair transplant costs are not a set price. It is not Asmed's intention to charge a patient with a 1000-graft implantation the same price as a patient with a 6000-graft.

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You do not know which Hair Surgeon is Best for you? Get Consultation Born in 1968 in Bursa-Gemlik (Turkey), Dr. Koray Erdogan attended Bursa Anatolian High School and later, Hacettepe University where he earned his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine.

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U Unique features, Unique results! K.E.E.P. Graft Calculator Coverage Value KE-Bot KE-Head KE-Rest Hair transplant is permanent and the most natural solution for individuals who suffer from hair loss. Dr. Koray Erdogan is here to help through his experiences.

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Top 10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul - Cost & Price 2024. 1. Medart Hair Clinic. We connect you with a skilled group of people that are exclusively trained in hair transplantation using FUE and DHI methods.. Dr. Koray Erdogan was born in Bursa-Gemlik, Turkey, in 1968. He completed his education at Bursa Anatolian High School and.

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All about Dr. Koray Erdogan, Istanbul, Turkey, before/after photo, procedures, specialities, CV, Q&As, prices, reviews, videos, contact info & more

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Dr. Koray Erdogan Congresses and Workshops 2023 6th World FUE Institute Workshop. Bangkok, Thailand. 2022 5th World FUE Institute Workshop. İstanbul, Turkey. (President of WFI-Host) 2021 ISHRS Hosts 27th World Congress and World Live Surgery Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand 2020 6th Annual Latin American Fue Workshop. Cancun, Mexico 2019 - June

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Contents 1 Asmed Hair Transplant Cost 1.0.1 Treatments 1.0.2 About Asmed and Dr. Koray Erdoğan 1.1 Asmed Hair Transplant Reviews 1.1.1 Bad Reviews 1.1.2 Good Reviews 1.2 Asmed Hair Transplant Before and After Results 95 Cost 75 Patient Reviews 95 Experience 90 Overall 88 FUE Manual: 2,5 € per graft FUE Unshaven: 6 € per graft

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Dr Koray Erdogan, MD, specialist in hair transplants for 15 years, participates in numerous international seminars. During consultation at the clinic, the doctor examines every patient carefully, donor area capacity is calculated (KE-Bot). The medical team also is very talented and experienced

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With prices between €5,000 and up to €12,500 for a hair transplant, Asmed Hair Transplant Center is one of the best, but most expensive hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Is it worth it or is it better to look at alternatives for your hair transplant in Istanbul? Asmed Hair Transplant Center review content: Expert Review Patient Reviews

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ASMED - Dr. Koray Erdogan, a name that has been associated with hair transplant in Turkey and on a global level. He is a very well-known and famous hair transplant doctor who combines science and mathematical approaches with artistry in planning hair transplants for his patients. He graduated from Hacattepe University with a medical degree.

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Asmed Hair Clinic Pricing Table As a leading hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Asmed has no reason to hide its pricing. In official sources, the hair transplant cost in Asmed is €3 for each transplanted follicular unit. If 4000 grafts are transplanted, the cost at Koray Erdogan's Asmed Clinic becomes 12.000 Euro.

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Koray Erdogan, MD. Biography. Koray Erdogan, MD Turkey Practice: ASMED Hair Restoration Address: Küçükbakkalköy Mh., Atillah Ilhan Cd. 29 34750 Istanbul Turkey P: (+90) 216 464 11 11.

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Is Koray Erdogan worth the price. I'm quoted for 2500 grafts with Koray Erdogan. To do the operation with the surgeon himself and no techs is 3 euro per graft. So this is 7500. Is this worth it? Seems like I can find other places with decent surgeons (where they also do 100% of the operation) for cheaper but I rarely find bad stories of Erdogan.

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22 Author Regular Member Posted March 26, 2016 (edited) Hi Dutchie, all in all I would say the total cost is somewhere between ?10-11k with everything included.

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Hair restoration is a complex procedure that is contingent upon a number of elements, which may play a role in the hair transplant cost. Positive results depend on the careful determination of the patient's characteristics, the hairline design, donor harvesting, graft survival, incision and insertion, post-operative care and adjunct therapy.