Lu Xiaojun's Childhood, Fame, Training Program, Diet, & Squat Jerk... Full Interview

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165K subscribers Subscribe 153K views 2 years ago This is by far the most in depth interview that 2012 Olympic Champion and five-time World Champion Lu Xiaojun has ever conducted. Weightlifting.

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German Volume Training; 5/3/1 Program; Powerbuilding Program; The Cube Method; 5×5 Program;. Strongman Martins Licis Trains With Olympic Weightlifter Lu Xiaojun in Tianjin, China

Lu Xiaojun's Childhood, Fame, Training Program, Diet, & Squat Jerk... Full Interview

Jun 13, 2019 7 min read THE CHINESE WEIGHTLIFTING SYSTEM World Domination In 2015, China held an astonishing 48 out of 135 world records. This includes records in the snatch, clean and jerk, and total across 15 weight classes and 3 different age divisions. China held more world records in 2015 than the 3 closest countries on the list combined.

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Lü Xiaojun ( Chinese: 吕小军; born 27 July 1984) is a Chinese weightlifter. He is a three-time Olympic champion and five-time world champion competing in the 77 kg category until 2018 and 81 kg starting in 2018 after the International Weightlifting Federation reorganized the categories. [2]

Lu Xiaojun Interview Best Training Lifts, Strength vs Technique, & His Current Training Focus

Training Program Lu Xiaojun Back Squat 60 kg / 3 100 kg / 3 140 kg / (2 + 1ps) 180 kg / (1 + 1ps) 210 kg / (1 + 1ps) 240 kg / 1ps 260 kg / 1 / 2 260 kg / 1ps MISS Weighted Dips 60 kg / 10, 10, Hip Extensions - barbell 40 kg / 10 + 10 second hold 50 kg / 8 + 13 second hold 60 kg / 8 + 12 second hold Lu Xiaojun snatching a world record 172 kg

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Lu Xiaojun's Olympic Career Since his first appearance at an International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) competition in 2004, Xiaojun has maintained his status as one of Team China 's most.

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Lu Xiaojun: Natural Weightlifting Phenomenon. Meet Lu Xiaojun (pronounced "Loo-Jow-Junn" if you're Phil Mitchell). Xiaojun is the current Olympic Champion and World Record holder in both the 'Snatch' and 'Total' in the Men's 77kg (12 stone to us yobs) category, where he lifted 175kg in the Snatch, and 379kg in the Total ('Snatch' and 'Clean and Jerk' combined.

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LUXIAOJUN, also translated as Lyu Xiaojun, is a Chinese legendary weightlifter. LU launched his brand to provide good value for money bumper plates, barbells, dumbbells, racks, weightlifting shoes and other gear for Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Powerlifting and all kinds of strength training. VIEW CART Home About me

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Born: 1984. Lu Xiaojun was born in the Hubei Province in China into a family of farmers. When he was 13, Lu joined a sports school and began training as a weightlifter. In 1999 at age 15, his coach sent him to join the provincial team. Lu represented his province of Hubei in the Chinese national weightlifting championships in 2003 and took bronze.

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Lu Xiaojun talks about coming back to training in winter 2017 and what the future holds for his weightlifting career.

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After a full year away from the barbell, three-time Olympic Champion weightlifter Lu Xiaojun — who recently announced his intent to campaign for Games qualification yet again — is getting back.

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Olympic gold medalist and five-time world champion weightlifter Lü Xiaojun explains why he never does the bench press exercise in his training.

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Lu Xiaojun's Heaviest Training Lifts Note: all bolding done by BarBend editorial team for emphasis. Snatch | 180kg/397lb (that's 3kg over his competition best) Clean & Jerk | 210kg/463lb.

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Although the exercise has been named after Olympic weightlifting champion Lu Xiaojun, it features in bodybuilding and strength training literature dating back to the 1920s. Lu raises can be seen as a variation of lateral raises as they have a shared initial movement path and largely target the same muscle groups. How to Perform Lu Raises

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