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The Arctic Circle is an imaginary line of latitude located approximately 66.5 degrees north of the Earth's equator. It marks the southernmost boundary of the Arctic region. The line passes through several countries, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Alaska (United States), Canada, Greenland (Denmark), and I celand. When to Visit the Arctic

North of the Arctic Circle near the town of Kiruna, Sweden is where you will find the original

The Arctic Circle is one of the two polar circles, and the most northerly of the five major circles of latitude as shown on maps of Earth at about 66° 34' N. [1] Its southern equivalent is the Antarctic Circle .

Arctic Circle Norway, Sweden and Finland

Storforshei, Norway This roadside attraction looks like a flying saucer parked atop the tundra. Been Here? 87 Want to Visit? 190 The Arctic Circle Centre. Sandivas/cc by-sa 3.0 Marking the Arctic.

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The capital of Sweden is also known as the "Beauty on the Water". And is aptly named as Stockholm stretches over 14 islands and still gives an impression of rural paradise.. The viewpoint Fjällgatan, also called balcony, grants a special view of the old town Gamla Stan and the amusement park Gröna Lund.. If you want to immerse yourself in the history of Sweden, Skansen, the oldest open.

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The Arctic Circle Train follows a unique round-trip route with 13 stops in Sweden and Norway, allowing day and overnight passengers the chance to enjoy this scenic route where, depending on the season you can experience the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun.

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In Norway the Arctic Circle (Polar-cirkel) runs just N of Mo i Rana, in Sweden (Polcirkeln) near Jokk-mokk, in Finland (Napapiiri) a bit N of Rovaniemi. The different lengths of day and night in all latitudes except on the Equator are due to the angle of 23-5° between the earth's equatorial plane and the plane of its orbit. At the summer.

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1. Come in winter. The best months for seeing the Northern Lights are from September to March. 2. Head north. Even though the Northern Lights can be seen all over Sweden, chances are much higher above the Arctic Circle. 3. Go remote. The Northern Lights can be seen from cities, but the light pollution may obscure visibility. 4.

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So, that means anywhere north of the Arctic Circle has 24 hours of daylight in mid-summer (known as the midnight sun) and 24 hours of darkness in mid-winter (also known as the polar night). What is the latitude of the Arctic Circle? The Arctic Circle's coordinates are approximately 66°33′45.6 north of the Equator.

Arctic Circle Norway, Sweden and Finland

In locations just inside the Arctic Circle, there may be no polar night around the December Solstice. For example, in Gällivare, Sweden there is never a 24-hour night, even though the city is about 60 miles (100 km) north of the Arctic Circle. There are several reasons why the polar night region does not quite extend to the polar circle.

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On this polar circle, there is one day every year when the sun does not rise (winter solstice), and one day that it does not set (summer solstice). The Arctic Circle is often thought of as the boundary of the Arctic, creating the Arctic region and sub-Arctic regions. Photo by: Visit Finland Material Bank

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KIRUNA, Sweden — The path to the reindeer herder's spring home took him across four frozen lakes and countless snowy hilltops. Arriving to a light dusting of snow, the herder, Aslak Allas,.

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Polar Circle Scandinavia, a travel guide to Lapland and northern Nordics. Attractions in remote places, nature and cross the polar circle on your way.. from the Great Lake Vättern, the Baltic East coast, the thousand of lakes, woodlands and Swedish culture; The West Coast, Dalsland and Värmland The west coast including the county of.

Arctic Circle Norway, Sweden and Finland

The routes of Inlandsbanan. Östersund - Gällivare The most famous part of Inlandsbanan is the northern route from Östersund to Gällivare with a journey time of about 13 hours. Most of the line runs in Lapland, through large birch forests, plains and moors. Along its way, the railway crosses many large rivers, running from the Scandinavian mountain range to the Baltic Sea.

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Some 20 minutes' drive north of Övertorneå, the Arctic Circle crosses road 99 in the little village of Juoksengi, also known as "Polcirkelbyn" which translates as "Arctic Circle village". The circle is marked with a huge sign and international flags by the roadside. The Arthotel Tornedalen What to see and do nearby

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Guided sightseeing tours of Stockholm, Stiklestad battlefield, Trondheim and Bergen. Tour of Stiklesstad battlefield. Visit Batsuoj Sami centre and Inlandsbanan Museum. Cross the Arctic Circle by coach. Geiranger and Geirangerfjord cruise. Boat cruise on Sognefjord. View Dates & Pricing. Call to book 1-877-929-7245.

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The Arctic Circle Train is the scenic railway that runs through Swedish Lapland to the Narvik fjord in Norway. This legendary night train departs from Stockholm and crosses all of Sweden to Kiruna, a town in the heart of Lapland, famous for its iron ore mine, the largest in the world.