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The Turkey Disguise Project has always been one of my favorites take-home projects as a teacher and as a parent! I love to see the creative ways students (and my own children) come up with disguises for their turkey. Since it is one of my favorite projects I have put together a new resource pack for teachers and families.

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, now is the perfect time to gather some turkey in disguise ideas. We are sharing many free turkey in disguise printable templates with you and there are even more (a whole lot more) beyond them to explore.. Our fun templates allow for a whole lot of creativity as you can have the kids disguise their turkey from scratch with our blank template, mix and match.

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Help your favorite feathered friend escape the oven this Thanksgiving with one of these clever Turkey Disguise Project Ideas . If you missed our original Disguise Tom Turkey or the second edition Turkey in Disguise Ideas posts then you will want to be sure to check those out. So many awesome and cute ideas for your turkey disguise project.

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The colorful rainbow is made from pipe cleaners and candy wrappers can be used for the pot of gold. 8. Turkey Disguise Ideas: Turn Him Into A Hunter. 9. Turkey Disguised As Police. 10. Black Cat Turkey Disguise Craft. 11. Gingerbread Man Turkey in Disguise.

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Project Guidelines I let parents and students know right away that their Turkey in Disguise is a family project. I don't want to see mom or dad's work alone. Families need to work with their children…and include siblings in the process! The more the merrier. I also encourage families to be as creative as possible.

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The Disguise a Turkey project is a cherished school project that dates back to many Thanksgivings ago. The premise is simple: kids get to disguise a turkey, ensuring it remains undercover during Thanksgiving time. The motive? To creatively shield our turkey friends from being the main course!

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Reinforce with Cardboard: Secure one turkey copy to a piece of thin cardboard or heavy cardstock paper to give it some sturdiness. Utilize the Second Copy as a Stencil: The second turkey copy serves as a stencil for cutting out various shapes and components for your disguise. When in Doubt, Sparkle It Up:

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1. Make 2 copies of the turkey 2. Glue 1 copy of a turkey to a piece of thin cardboard or heavy card stock paper. 3. Use the 2nd copy of the turkey as a stencil to cut out shapes for your disguise. 4. When in doubt add glitter.5. Let your child lead the project.

24+ Turkey in Disguise Ideas Sew Woodsy

Twitter Pinterest 5215 I'm sharing 24+ Turkey In Disguise ideas to help you get through this fun and creative family project for Thanksgiving holiday! Last year, was my son's first year of preschool. In mid-October I received "homework" from his teacher. We received a template to decorate our turkey in disguise.

24+ Turkey in Disguise Ideas Sew Woodsy

Begin by drawing a circle that fits the upper body of the turkey. Cut off the top and bottom to make room for his neck and legs. Draw a smaller half circle to cover the lower half. Glue the two pieces together to complete his suit. Next, cut out a white rectangle and glue it vertically onto the center of the suit.

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The Turkey in Disguise Project is a classic classroom project that is based on the book Turkey Trouble. Students are required to disguise the turkey to save it from Thanksgiving Dinner. It can be sent home as a family project, completed in class as a task, or even at home for fun. Supplies This activity is a lot easier than you think!

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Transform him into a shoe? Who knew? There's no limit to what Mr. Turkey can turn into! We're certain your kids or students will unleash their creativity with this fun activity. Download it today! Also, be sure to check out all of our fun turkey disguise project ideas! Turkey Disguise Project Ideas


Need turkey disguise ideas for your child's Thanksgiving hide a turkey project? Use a turkey in disguise template to make it easy! Just print the free printable turkey disguise templates, cut them out, and glue them together! Easier than a store-bought pumpkin pie! Ah, Thanksgiving. A time to gather together with family and friends, sip hot.

18 Adorable Turkey in Disguise Project Ideas Just Reed & Play

1. Elephant or Pineapple KC Kindergarten loves this Thanksgiving activity, and it shows—from animals to fruit, mermaids, bees and more, students knew exactly how to hide their turkeys! Related: 6.

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From a turkey disguised as a rainbow to a turkey wearing a ballerina disguise, these turkey project ideas are sure to keep the turkey safe this Thanksgiving. So get your craft supplies ready, download the free printable templates, and let's get started! Also, be sure to check out all of our Thanksgiving crafts for more fun turkey ideas!

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In a nutshell, turkey disguise projects aren't just about learning; they're about turning education into an adventure, infusing creativity into every feather, and creating memories that stick with you like glue on craft day. Let the turkey disguise festivities begin! Turkey Disguise Project Ideas Easy. Check out easy Turkey Disguise project.